Startup Advisory

Startup Advisory

Where great ideas meets experience. 

We help startups get the best of a digital marketing, sales, incubation and assist in  funding.

Our team comprises of industry veterans in digital marketing (product marketing, online marketing etc.), product management and sales.  Our integrated team of product managers, marketing and sales professionals, has all the skills required to get your product startup business up and running in no time.

 We all start with great ideas, want to build a great product and dream of making millions ! However, this is easier said then done. Most founders of product companies are highly technical, young and inexperienced.  They don’t know how to proceed after the idea. Sometimes, they build prototypes or MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and then the struggle begins..

We help  entrepreneurs by providing them with the right environment to develop their product, take it to market, get funding and make every possible effort to make the product a success.

We also provide an environment to build your startup, which includes: our startup advisory team, office space, meeting rooms and events and shared services such as administration, recruitment and HR .
Finally, we help you take your product to market by using our team of marketing & sales experts who use the latest technologies in digital marketing and sales.

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