Sales Enablement Services

Enabling Sales For  Enterprises

Our sales enablement practice enables all client-facing employees prepare for customer interactions.

Sales advisory service helps sales team engage effectively with their stakeholders and better manage opportunities

 We create sales strategies that allow you to build a strong customer base and help you grow organically while generating more qualified leads.

Sales Readiness

We assess your existing collateral, processes and tools. Identify  gaps in sales and marketing processes  and apply tools and processes to fill them.

Sales Planning

Creating a sales plan, performing market analysis, identifying differentiators and creating a value proposition for your sales team to engage effectively with your prospects and customers.

Sales Collateral

Writing and creating sales collateral like white papers, competitive briefs, product data sheets etc. We also assist with sales play book and creating customized  presentations for the sales teams.

CRM Implementation

 All companies weather they are large or small need to implement a CRM to manage their sales and support teams. We assist in implementation of CRM systems like, Siebel, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM etc.

Lead Generation

 Generating leads for sales followup is an important component of our sales enablement process. We specialize in lead database creation, social media lead generation and inbound lead generation via various online campaigns.

 Monitoring and Measurement

We assist in creating productivity and performance metrics. These enable companies to measure the effectiveness of their sales and marketing activities and make informed decisions.

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